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The Brand

The Final RV brand has been meticulously forged to represent the honour, pride and dark sense of humour shared by every single member of our Armed Forces.

Cut from a different cloth, our product range is printed in a war torn, combat distressed style here in the UK. The Final RV apparel is about much more than just getting dressed each day. This is about looking and feeling proud of who we are, all that we have become and all that we can be!

It’s a casual military style that reflects our determined resilience to adverse situations while respecting and honouring all those who are serving or have served.

Our brand honours and remembers our fallen brothers in arms who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We also show our respect and offer our support to all those who fall victim to the effects PTSD. 

The Final RV Brotherhood

Founded by a British Armed Forces Veteran, The Final RV Facebook Group was launched in June 2019 with a view to uniting all HM Forces. On day one of it's inception, The Final RV attracted over 900 members and as of today, the group is over 40,000 members strong and climbing. 

Pull Up A Sandbag

A fundamental part of the Final RV is to provide a listening ear and support for all call signs. The group is a safe haven where you can chat and exchange banter with your muckers. In 5 minutes, it will feel like you never left the Forces. However, if you're in need of more professional care, then we also offer a professional referral service to support you in dealing with your demons. Check out our Reviews in Facebook.

High Quality Products

Our products are 'made to order' using apparel from only the most well-established and reliable brands. This means your order will fit just like one of your favorite tour t-shirt but more bad ass! Depending on the material of the garment, we use either direct to garment printing using specialized aqueous ink jet technology or screen printing. 

On top of that, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning that within 30 days of purchase we will refund or exchange your product no questions asked!

Final RV Definition 

In military terms, The Final RV, FRV or Final Redezvous is a pre-arranged tactical meeting at a given time and location from which to action phase one of a military operation. It could be reconnaissance, an ambush or launching an attack on the enemy. The FRV is usually close to the target area and easy to defend.

Charities We Support

At our core, The Final RV is a give back organisation. We’re committed to the support of charitable military organisations and donate 10% of the profits to Once We Were Soldiers - Registered Charity Number 1158318.

Once We Were Soldiers

We’re also honoured to support and raise awareness for The Royal British Legion, PTSD Resolution, Combat Stress, Soldiers off the Street and SSAFA. 

Choggies Peaky Bimble Raises Money for Once We Were Soldiers

The initial inspiration for the Final RV was born back in 2018 after arranging a Charity Event known as Choggies Peaky Bimble. This event was arranged by the FRV Founder, Craig Dean AKA Deano and Steve Thornton AKA Choggie in a bid to raise money for Once We Were Soldiers.

Essentially, the event was a gruelling 80 mile TAB around the Peak District in under 24 hours. After successfully completing the Choggies Peaky Bimble and raising £1000's for the charity, Deano thought more could be done to support veterans in need and so the The Final RV was born! 

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill